OLIVE is the New Black : Military Fashion Trending

💁‍♀️HOLA Peeps ‼

ℹI’m back with another blog post. This time its a 💅 Fashion blog post and the topic under my scanner is “Military Fashion” ‼

Call it ‘Khaki’, ‘Olive’, ‘Camouflage’ or ‘Military’, Its one timeless trend that’s here to stay.!

ℹ have never been one to follow the dictats of fashion trends or to bind fashion into yearly ,seasonal changing themes or to follow the herd. I have always listened to what my heart and instincts wanted me to buy, design or create and to wear anything that my heart takes fancy to, at any given occasion in my life. Never have I felt conscious or uncomfortable to go in complete opposite to trending tastes of the season!

🔷However, Even I could not deny or ignore the influence and impact of “Military Fashion” on the Fashion scene ! Nationally and worldwide‼

Olive is the New BLACK
Around the globe military trends!!

⭕live Fashion has been in vogue as long as 1960’s or so. Whether its the camouflage prints, tough parkas, pea coats, trench coats, or the ceremonial dresses, dinner jackets swagger with brass buttons, pockets on chest and hips  and stripes, leather trimmings plus embellishments and metallic buckles and tan belts; nautical wide legged trousers, The Cartier Tank Watches; The Welligton Boots; The neck scarves or Cravate; dungarees or plain  powerful, summer cool, robust khaki’s; Militaria influence is unmistakable and everywhere around the globe; from raw, rugged street styles; thrift-stores to luxury fashion houses of paris; or runway’s of the world! Its presence cannot be ignored.

Navy inspired Nautical watch

From celebrated  designers worldwide like Yves Saint Lauren, Givenchy, Balmian etc and fashion scene closer home, everyone’s clothing line atleast once created something  military-inspired and the process would be, and still is, cyclical.

🅾live fashion has invaded and carved a niche in the fashion world, It began influencing the fashion scene with hippie style cargo pants and army jackets and then came the parkas and over sized military coats, igniting a trend that added an air of  power, intellect and sophistication‼

Not only clothing but even, accessories, like eye wear, watches, belts & bags and boots took to military inspiration. Who can forget TomFord’s Aviator Sunglasses, or super cool “Italian World War II Naval Submarine Watch “, a trademarkBelt Forces” fashion, almost a tradition followed till date❗ 

Trademark gentleman military fashion Aviators @Raybans ;Camouflage watch @Swatch

🅰lso, Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage cases have unmistakable military  camouflage, army green or cargo inspiration.

Ⓜilitary fashion due to its earthy, palette of olive greens, grey’s, dark navy blue’s, burnished neutrals and khaki, beiges, browns and rugged, comfortable fabrics, clean cuts is a very utilitarian fashion, perfect for autumn classics but now rules almost every season. But thereal factor that highlights the military style is its practical side; more pockets, baagy style, rugged, comfy fabric, clean cuts and shapes for everyone, layering, neutral tones to match most silhouettes.

Ceremonial jackets inspired coat ;burnt hues;clean cuts!

For quite some time this power packed trend remained in a very masculine zone and feminine side never much experimented with it. But from around 2008, we witness a massive wave and experimentation in this arena. Also, Militaria not only remained casual, streetstyle but entered the formal and classic fashion too, so much so that current scene is replete with military inspired fitness gears, gym clothing and athleisure wear lead by brands like Nike http://www.nike.com, Adidas http://www.adidas.com , Zivame http://www.zivame.cometc

Athleisure ,camou,nautical military fashion done right!
Gym it up in military style #bootcampvibes .
Wearing @Nike camou print bottom wear & Sports Bra; Sports tee@ Reebok ; Camou Watch ltd edtn .@Swatch

〽any Unisex clothing articles and accessories saw their advent and apart from typical men’s cargo pants, camou jackets, trench coats, tan boots and metallic belts. Feminine fashion too saw comfort and power in military fashion and took fancy to it. As a result, we see a lot of khaki pants, shirts, tees, fitted dresses, backpacks, eyewear, boots, fishtail parkas, metallic chains, chokers and buttons, camou hoodies, shrugs, spahgetti tops, skirts, shorts and what not❗

Unisex Military fashion trend
FeminineMilitary Fashion

🅰 woman adorning this trend  believe it not, is sending a message across: of Power, of being comfortable in self and of being the sole authority on self but definitely a raw elegance and don’t mess with me attitude‼

ℹhave a comfy, cozy and special place for it in my life and my wardrobe. Its one trend I welcome with open arms! I truly and madly am in love with this one and its for here to stay.

ℹ truly believe what we choose to wear, what we pick up while shopping all transcends from what we feel about a certain style, fabric or hue, what aura a garment carries for us in our lives. Knowingly, and unknowingly we choose what we feel and behave.

🤷‍♀️Dressing up for me has always been a language; my clothes always convey my approach, my personality and my confidence in my life. Hence, fashion for me is the expression of my persona. May not be so for everyone, and I’m certainly not conveying that a person should be judged by his clothes; but neither can we deny that it does help us in creating an image.

Ⓜy love❤affair with “OG’z ” started way to early, as a school kid, at home watching my parents donning the Olive hues and camouflage uniforms (needless to say I’m a true Blue Fauji Brat).

Watching my Mom and Dad donning their uniforms, brought a kind of reverence to the pattern, shade and hue. It kind of attained a dignity and sense of 🅿ride and 🅿ower. How handsome and dignified they both looked!! I often dreamt of wearing “camous” and “OG” boots;  and saving this world and mankind. It would almost give a 💪superhero vibe to me and I would wear my father’s boots and hold his stick and act like one😛.


My Militaria !!

☛Teenage years saw me experimenting with my parents’ discarded, outlived uniforms, trying to make something fashionable out of them. The military boots started fitting me and I often paired them with short dresses and skirts or denims. Especially, when the trend of ankle boots raged the fashion scene post movie “Rangeela” and the song “Yai re yai re” in which actress Urmila’s short dress and boots became the rave of those times. I saw lot many girls following the trend.

Grown up years saw a prominence in the military taste, watching my brother grow into this handsome, sophisticated, gentleman officer looking so dapper in his Olive greens, 🕶Aviators, 👞Wellington boots and ⌚Nautical watches brought so much awesomeness and fascination to me that my love of  militaria became a serious affair.

🅰nd it so happened that I found love, with a persona who donned yet another hue of militaria. “This was destined to be”….  I seamlessly fell in love with earthy blues and pastel white tones of militaria, the dungarees, the white pintex, crisp ruffled shirts, ceremonial dinner jackets  with brass buttons and stripes and the 👒bow-ties. And the love  between me and the military fashion remains rock solid till date.

Hence, truly in my case my life’s reflections run true in the nuances of my clothing styles. I wear my pride and my life.

So, you see how important it was for me to write an ode to this gorgeous fashion that has my ❤ heart.

🅰nd all that I wrote above was to tell you how and perhaps, why I’m so taken in by this perennial fashion trend. But now I talk about what fun it is to style and wear this trend on different occasions.

In love with Military Olive Fashion!

✅So, here i go:


Currently i own

1️⃣ Three miltary Jackets: One summer hue plain pastel olive and one camouflage hoodie open zipper. And one khaki shirt jacket with floral motif embroidery.

2️⃣ Two pairs of olive and grey joggers; One camou print and one nautical

3️⃣ One olive green long straight skirt

4️⃣ Olive badges and sticker tees

5️⃣ One earthy olive shade fitted evening dress

6️⃣ Athleisure jeggings in camou print and a six-pocket cargo pants

7⃣ One Puma sports bag and one camou printed Nuon 🎒 backpack and leather tan bag

8️⃣ Must have boots

9️⃣ Can’t live without Five pairs of aviators

🔟 One camou swatch and two nautical watches by Casio, G-shock (i love wearing men’s watches and perfumes, that’s my thing).

1️⃣1️⃣ One self designed embellished party jacket that i have designed with tons of brass buttons, golden stripes, shoulder badges and so on.

And the list is growing still and will do so forever, I feel.😛


ℹ have heard many people saying that olive fashion doesn’t gel with other clothings and is difficult to match with and hence, boring or not multipurpose or diverse. But i have quite the opposite views, thoroughly enjoy styling the military clothing and love elevating the looks with accessories and mix-n-match too.

Here, i bring to you some military inspired street style, casual chic, sportyand casual evening drink looks. I have collaborated with my in house male models who share the same olive fetish as me @Tilak👤 Instagram Account , @Nik👤 Instagram Account to showcase some men’s military fashion too!

Shoot life !!

ℹ love going overboard with an all military look! I know for some people this might be little too much but trust me with right attitude, styling  and accessories, this can be a very comfortable, statement, powerful and chic look to carry.

Going completely bold military

🔴We can wear co-ordinates aka matching top and bottom sets, like we are wearing in the shoot. We have styled olive green tees, sweat shirt or knitwear with matching tight bottomed comfy joggers.

To accentuate the look furtherwe can style the look with choicest of accessories and 👠footwear.

You can go with ankle 👢boots or sports shoes or slide on platforms of same or complete contrast colours.

Ankle boots in black with comfy olive Joggers ,perfect for a day out with camera

Go all Militaria

👉Highlight the look with must-have, statement Aviators by 🕶Rayban http://www.rayban.com

Team it up with some tan leather 👜bag and a cool navy inspired ⌚Nautical watch

Elevate the look with statement aviators, tan leather travel bag, nautical watch

A camou or nautical print really goes well with an overall plain, solid olive coordinated outfit.

Raise the rugged, street style quotient by sporting A camou hoodie with overall olives
Camou hoodies, olive joggers and metallic shoes

🅰dding metallic touch whether its some rugged, quirky pendants, chains, badges or choker or even sneakers will add just enough glamour to the look.

☑Styling olive bottoms with sheer tops, net sphagetti’s and layering it up with a jacket is yet another way to add the right amount of sexiness to the whole look and this look can be versatile whether its travel, evening out or  to be  donned when there’s a slight chill in the weather!

Net sheer top with sphagetti top from @hm; joggers @nuon

❇Cargo pants or “six pockets” as we commonly call them, the comfiest style statement, has been in vogue ever-since; it has been the first choice of travellers and trekkers all across the globe; a unisex garment that has utilitarian appeal, rugged and soothing at the same time. A statement in itself, Perfect to be worn with printed cotton tee’s and tan shoes and you are good to seize the world.

Teaming up six pockets or cargo pants with basic print tees and tan boots
Seize the day my friend!

🔰Denims can gel perfectly well with anything military! A pair of jeans, shorts or skirt paired with an olive solid bomber jacket is stylish, smart and casual street chic; the styling can be taken up a notch higher with gothic lips, pigtail braiding (hairstyle) and wearing tons of metal chains and badgeson the waist and thighs. Sure shot stealer look that sets you apart❗

Pairing olive summer jacket with boyfriend denims and chains and button badges
All the right kinda attitude you need from your outfit! #oliverules

🅰nother perfect styling would be pairing the solid, summer 🆒khaki bomber jacket with a long straight khaki skirt; and just add a dash of colour with a ‘spaghetti top’ or a ‘ganji’ and Voila!! You are good to go for a shopping date with self. A comfortable yet effortlessly stylish.

Olive co-ordinates outfit; perfect style statement for a comfy evening out or shopping !!
Im born Stylish !!

Ⓜilitary fashion doesn’t only fit the streetstyle bills, it can be a powerful sexy weapon that unleashes the Goddess in you for some coffee  evenings with friends and pub nights out as well. Style the military bodycon dress with some bright colour block layering and boots and a sexy sling  and red lips.


Go Bold and all out Olive this Valentine as “OG Love is for real”!! You gals!!


A military green bodycon shift dress, just the one for cocktail or a pub night!! AND EVEN FOR YOUR VALENTINE THIS SEASON!!Outfit @hnm ; Red jacket @ Sassy soda; Boots @ Mochi
Colour block military fashion and be an evening diva! An Ode to theArmagadden this Valentine!!
A casual coffee evening gets better wearing a cool tan pocket dress, styled with a hoodie shrug and comfy shoes!  Instant Hit

🅾live jackets paired with metallic shoes and shades and a net blush top, style with a top knot bun, a perfect recipe for a day on a ⛵boat out to sail or anyother adventurous activity. Keeping the fun and style quotient balanced.

Rugged Olive Shirt jacket with floral embroidered patch and buttons!
Olive joggers and embrodered shirt jacket with net rose blush net top @lifestyle

🅰nother amazing way of pulling off the Olive look with elan is teaming up two different shades of Military together. Going olive with green or khakee with grey or beige and tan; navy blues and rugged greys!! These can be mixing and matching two different garments together or colour blocking with accessories.

Teaming Different shades of green together to rock the outdoor traveller look. High neck jersey @woodland with Olive joggers@westsidestores and Ankle Boots @woodland; Camou watch @Swatch
Olive Rules!

🔰So friends With this style, i conclude my blog post, this blog post saw me exhibiting various militaria inspired garments, styled with different fashionable  and comfy clothes and accessories to achieve the desired looks to suit the occasions. I feel Olive trend is one of the most versatile, easy to style; most comfortable and suitable to one and all kind of styles. It has a versatility and likeability to it; it can at once be converted to a high-end fashion look and  an everyday casual, sporty  look  to a powerful, awestruck one. Its here to stay and can be played upon with with our sensibilities .

👉 In this blog post, i exhibited my love for styling militaria in everyday, casual  yet statement looks; another blog post would be soon curated to showcase a more embellished, decorated and dramatic avatar of this fashion trend!! Till then Hail Militaria!! Go OliVe ! Go Green!!

Style statement! Camouflage fashion highlighted eith with white cap, backpack and gloves!

Stay tuned!!!

💃I’ll be back soon with more interesting stuff! Till then stay stylish, be fashionable, imbibe conscious beauty, keep experimenting but most of All BE THE  MAGICAL SELF YOU ARE!! 

💁‍♀️Chao for Now!!

💋Xoxo!!  Vashi/That Pashmina Girl!!


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The Magical Oils from Satthwa

Hola Readers!!

I’m finally back on the block after a long haitus!

This Blog post is a long pending one and deserves a high mention because the products at hand have really won me over and i have reaped some real benefits. That clearly means that if I have benefitted from something, I have to in most likelihood, share it with you my darling friends.

So, my dearies I’m right here to talk about  two magical oils from the renowned, indigenous  brand named SATTHWA, a natural hair and care product range and a wide variety of organic, all natural essential oils.

The two oils I have religiously used for almost two months and am going to review are:-



Satthwa magical oils

Before I begin the review I must share my curiosity and reason to try this product. I have been blessed with thick luscious curly locks, infact, I used to get irritated having  to maintain such heavy hair. Gradually, however I noticed considerable hairfall and I owed it to low maintenance, styling, colouring and sweaty workout routines.

Off-late, I saw a massive increase in hairfall not only from roots rather a lot of hair breakage as well, that clearly signified that my healthy hair were slowly loosing their strength and nutrition as well and were getting dry and damaged. I got into a panic mode and tried and tested several influential so called organic, chemical free products that promised relief from this grave issue and save my crowning glory. Alas, none came to my rescue and my search continued.

Also, its pertinent to mention that the problem of hair-fall, hair damage is so rampant that my inboxes are flooded with requests for reviewing products that could stop hairfall and improve hair health. I receive such requests on a day-to-day basis. Hence, my search for the perfect remedial product became all the more crucial.

Apart from this issue another query that I’m  often bombarded with is the effect of face serums and oil, a trend that is ruling the roost these days and if they are really effective, on what skin types will it suit and in what ways and how to pick the right product from an array of so many. So, this was another reason I was looking for a trusted aide and tried a number of products.

Finally, I came across the instagram handle of this brand SATTHWA and then checked out their site. I had a word with the founder and told him that I would like to review their products for the above mentioned issues and they were gracious enough to send these two oils to me for reviewal.

Before reviewing, let me write something about the brand first. It is a 100% natural and organic certified Hair and Skincare brand. It was started by the visionary founder Mr.Prashant Parikh in 2016 and ever since, its hair oil and many new products like essential oils have benefitted many and there has been no looking back. They, at SATTHWA, go by the motto of “PURE TO THE CORE”, hence, the brand name Satthwa means “PURE” in Sanskrit.

So, here is my review for the two…….



This is the most sought after product from the brand and has been creating ripples. Its a premium Hair Oil, 100% chemical free, made with goodness of 9 oils namely, Olive oil, Castor oil, VitaminE, Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Amla oil, Emu oil. The power of these 9 oils makes this oil a powerhouse, regulates blood flow to scalp, darkens hair, making them thick, stops split ends, promotes new hair growth, prevents greying, unclogs pores, provides anti fungal  support, restores ph balance, provides antioxidants and keratin strength reducing frizz and  dryness.

Hence, it becomes the super food for our hair and scalp, replete with all the essential vitamins Vitamin K, E , Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Omega-6 & 9, Ricinoleic acid, Lauric acid. It not only controls hair fall but also promotes hair growth and fights premature greying and absolutely clears dandruff.

Thousands of people suffering from these issues have benefitted and some special cases of bald patches, hair thinning have also seen hair growth success and positive results.

Now lets come to the nutshell reviews and final verdict.

1.   PACKAGING.  This oil comes in simple packaging of a convenient plastic bottle with a rotate lid of 100 ml capacity.It has a white paper cover on the outside that carries a detailed information about the product and its ingredients and its essential goodness along with the brand logo and the  Made in India and paraben free tag  highlighted.It also has directions of use written for best results.

2.   M.R.P.      100 ml  of the product comes at a M.R.P OF Rs 599/ which i feel is quite a catch  for the invaluable service of the product.This aspect is definitely a thumbs up from my side.A genuinely,  affordably priced product.

3.   Fragrance.   it doesnot have any particular or strong odour,smell or fragrance.

4.   MFG.    It comes with a shelf life of one year.

5.   HAIR TYPE.   Best for all hair types, especially, dry frizzy hair.

PROS  – It is completely natural, 100% chemical free and a no-side effects product. It is highly travel friendly and easy to use. Starts delivering results within few uses. It Delivers what it claims.

CONS – No cons as such but maybe the packaging could be made more attractive for such an amazing product. Also, a packaging with a bigger bottle and more product as the usage is high and refills are frantically needed.

FINAL VERDICT – I have been personally using this oil for more than two months now and I have seen a tremendous change in my hair. My hair fall has considerably reduced, my hair are so soft, gentle and minus the frizz in spite of styling and coloring  I have also used thids oil in many DIY hair masks, I will soon be sharing them on my YouTube Channel. My curls are soft, balanced, nourished, healthy, shiny and strong. I highly recommend this product for all your hair woes and hair care routines. I am going to consistently and religiously use this product to keep on reaping benefits.



This is the  second product sent to me for reviewing by the brand upon my query and search for some good facial oils, the founder sent me the sample of Satthwa 100% JOJOBA (pronounced ho-ho-ba ), oil. Its an unrefined, cold pressed moisturizing carrier oil derived from a wild plant shrub. It has some tremendous giving and magical properties. It is highly hydrating and moisturizing  for the body as well as hair. Its  been known to be used for healing hair,skin and sunburn conditions. Its also known for its anti-ageing properties and its regular application provides soft, supple, nourished and a glowing skin  that is forever, youthful and happy. It is rich in Vitamin E and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It fights even the most stubborn Dandruff  when mixed with few drops of lemon grass essential oil for best results.

Not only this, it also acts as a fabulous makeup remover, specially helpful in removing heavy makeup such as highly pigmented lip colours and eyeshadow, mascara etc.

Even while removing makeup it continues to protect our exposed skin naturally, keeping it soft and safe from harsh rubbing, removing, cleansing process and makes the entire process quicker and easier and keeping the skin nourished.

Its an excellent nourisher for NAILS, for moisturising cuticles,it boosts healthy nail growth and reduces nail breakage.

It acts as an excellent hydrating,moisturising massage oil for the body, rendering it no-residual oil on skin and giving it a healthy glow.

Jojoba Oil is extremely beneficial for Hair and prevents and stops hairfall as it acts as an antifungal and unclogging agent of hair follicles and scalp pores.

Nutshell, Review and Final Verdict

1. PACKAGING. This oil too comes in a small, convenient,plastic bottle with a rotate lock white lid.Its a 50 ml bottle.It is easy to carry ,leak-proof ,travel friendly bottle.It has a transparent  sticker wrapped around it upon which all the details of the product  is written.

2. M.R.P.     A 50ml product comes for the price of Rs 499/- .Now, it comes on a special introductory price of Rs.380/-.Its worth its price quoted.

3. FRAGRANCE. No specific,pungent or strong fragrance.SO,Safe for people who have odour allergies.

4. M.F.G    It comes with a shelf life of one year.


6. PROS and CONS.    This oil is one of a kind, very light and gets easily absorbed in the skin, gives an amazing healthy glow and nourishment to skin and hair.It acts as an amazing part of the base makeup ,apart from other benefits mentioned above, it renders the makeup dewy,fresh and glossy.it is equivalent to any elixir glow face oils in the market. Its again a chemical free 100% pure,natural oil with no side-effects

CONS.    No cons in particular, again if only, a bigger packaging would be recommended for this amazing product as the usage is more and on regular basis.

FINAL VERDICT – I have been using this oil for quite awhile now and it has become a necessity and a bare essential in my day today skincare routine. I use this oil in many of my routines.

Firstly, I use this oil in my makeup removing routine whenever i apply makeup.

Secondly, i use it as an important part of double- cleanse process,inspired by korean cleansing routines,  twice a week.

Thirdly , I use it as a part of my base makeup application,thatis,i mix 2-3 drops of Jojoba oil with my Foundation,BB Cream or even a Tinted -Moisturiser, to achieve that sheen,glossy,dewy a natural,flawless  makeup .

Lastly, I use this oil as a massage oil for my body and even in place of night-cream.I also,use it in making many face and hair DIY  home remedies and packs to derive maximum benefits.

Thus, its a thumbs up and highly recommended product from my side ,worth its price and you must give it a try,even if you have an oil-skin type.

P.S.      Do check out my Youtube videos @


To See how I have used this oil in makeup base.











Facebook page:


So, Readers, I am sure you will benefit from my review and find it useful. Do purchase these products, give them a try, get rid of your hair and skin care woes and reap multiple benefits.

SIGNING OFF!! for now with a promise of something, new, trustworthy, tried and tested, CHAO!!

YOURS TRULY, Vashi/ That Pashmina Girl. !!XOXO!!

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