SNACK-IT-UP ft.. Snackexperts!!


Well, you must have guessed by now why I’m sounding so desperately 👅hungry, that too for little tit-bit munching on the side.
Well, That’s because I have discovered my munching friend recently!!!
and that’s none other than SNACKEXPERTS!!

Are you one of those people who loves munching, has a taste for the chatpata, crunchy small eats; who loves to eat yummy snacks; one who cannot have evening tea without any snacks or feel the need of munchies while reading, watching movies, travelling or gossiping with friends????/??

BUT BUT BUT❗️ You have given up on snacking; you are starving your tastebuds; or you are ridden with constant guilt everytime you tend to snack on that pack of mixture; that pack of wafers; those maida cookies; that sugar rush candy box or that chocolate cake❗️

WELL❗️ Lets accept it guys nothing comes before health and anything and everything that we buy from the market in packets and boxes these days is full of adulterated, unhealthy health hazardous, refined goodies that tempts us all but brings lot of health issues and addictive eating habits as well.

Nostalgia writs large❗️

There was a time when every household in our country would smell of some freshly made home goodies at tea time in the evening; as tea time is almost a sacred every day ritual in our country and inviting guests at tea time especially is a culture in itself. Mothers and ladies of the house would extensively prepare homemade healthy and fresh goodies; sometimes to be stored in jars for few days and sometimes freshly made and served. Only a little portion would be served everyday and some kept safely for guests as well! Those were the days!! We could polish off an entire platter and never worry even a little for any ailment, fitness issues or ill-health.

Tea time ritual

TODAY, as we reach around mids of 2017, a look back makes us realise the paradigm shift of the shape shifting world. We are always running; running to meet the deadlines; reach offices; schools and what not. TIME today has become the most hard to get commodity. It really gets tough for such elaborate rituals and a quick ready to eat bite or packaged snacks; on the go kind of thing seems most befitting. I’m not saying that today our households don’t indulge in home-cooked fresh and health goodies; we do and kudos to all the men-women and families for that! Its only, that the frequency has lessened and so has the preference.

Not to talk of the alluring, well-marketed unhealthy, yet tempting and easy options that our flooding the market today. Not only these are addictive and fast becoming our lifestyle, its trending as well! Almost like a fashion fad, status quo! Especially the children are falling prey to this trend. Also, as most of us are always conscious these days of what to eat and what not to; often when sudden guest plans catches us in tight corner with no time to stir up some fresh goodies and we have to get something packed or from the market; often our guests decline the served goodies and we become the reason of our own embarrassment.

Well❗️ there’s another side to our story as well. We are aware of the health hazards and most of us are trying our best to look for healthier options.BUT again, the same issue of market being flooded with so many options. While there are products whose label read healthy, organic, natural and so on; often found misleading, adulterated, greasy, refined, unhealthy and finally when we actually find trustworthy organic products; their whopping prices touch the roof.

Well❗️ enough of my rants and ravings! AND back to being the crunchy munch HOLA GIRL!

For now the time has come to introduce the newfound guilt-free joy my tastebuds have fallen for!Its a great snacking option and good on the pockets too.

The brand named SNACK EXPERTS, is the candy to my tongue these days.I got a chance to review their snack pack and was apprehensive at first but was amazed and highly impressed when I tried them.


SnackExperts is an award winning online snack store that delivers nationwide; their base store is in Chennai. I received their products in a cute and sturdy recyclable cardboard package, that had their logo and tagline printed on top,…. saying……


And on the back side of the package instruction the ways this pack can be reused are written. This I found quite cute and useful. For me, how much a brand makes efforts in packing their products speaks volumes about their sincerity towards their venture.

Upon unboxing I found five zip-locked, neatly packed assorted varieties of healthy munchies inside.

Each of the snack pouches looked tempting,fresh and mouth watering but best of all — they were healthy, less oily and wholesome.You can munch on these goodies without having to worry about any ill-health produce. They remained fresh for as long as their expiry date in their pouches.

Zip locked hygienic pouches

Each snack packet has a name synonymous to the ingredients inside;

The five packs out of their 50+ snack varieties that I received were:


Dry Fruits Mix

This snack pouch was a sweet tangy fruity delight. It tasted freshness even though they were dried fruits. A mix of golden raisins, green raisins, pineapple and cranberries. Not only it looked so colourful. It was a treat to the palate. We all know about the goodness of raisins and berries but how often we remember to use them? Only occasionally. Nutritionists and dieticians are often heard suggesting these as healthy options, so when they come in a snack pack,their usage is ensured by family and guests. These can also be used as add-ons in yoghurt, oatmeals, porridge, kheer and salads.


Honey roasted cashews

These were an absolute tintillating treat for my tastebuds and were polished off sooner than all. Everyone who was served, loved the taste and it was addictive, nutritious and wholesome and even a little satiated that munch hunger pang.

The pack consisted of roasted cashews with yellow mustard seeds, chilly flakes, salt and honey glaze. They were mouthwatering and super yum and perfect to serve at party or at home. The fact that they are roasted makes them more healthy and they can be a good accompaniment with beverages.


Kodo Millets Crispies

This goodie pack was my most favourite of all. As it reminded me of a South Indian household and the elaborate preparations they make to cook up each savoury. It was a beautiful, typical homemade, authentic preparation. Just like the ones i have tasted many times at my South Indian friends’ home. You can’t get enough of this one and this will be a sure shot hit with everyone. Made of kodo millets, moong dal, rice flour, urad dal etc; they are fresh, tasty and crispiest to the core. You don’t worry about the calorie counts and other stuff while savouring these. They just make you happy, nostalgic and full.


Old Fashioned Nut Mix

This is a perfect mix pack of goodness and health and rich nutrition, often recommended by experts, to be snacked upon a handful a day. It is what its name suggests, an old fashioned nut mix, the healthiest to munch on. Its a mix of Roasted Peanuts, Pepper Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts. It would be a good snacking option on a regular basis for us and our families. Though I feel this lacks something in the taste department, I mean only the cashews are slightly salted, rest all nuts are blandly mixed. Well, We do try to include nuts in our daily routines, walnuts and almonds at least. Also, peanuts and cashews occasionally as well, but when we like to have it as a snack and that too from a brand like snack expert, we would like it to impress our tastebuds a little more.


Chocolate Flapjack

This snack was a first timer for me. I had never tasted a flapjack before. Its a chewy bar or granola baked usually with rolled oats, jaggery, butter, choco chips whole orange and honey. Its almost like a modern twist to a traditional chikki. It did not appeal to me at first bite, but definitely grew onto me. I simply loved the goodness of ingredient infused with taste for the palate. I think kids and youngsters and health freaks would definitely grow onto this as its a trendy mildly sweet savoury with an attractive list of ingredients as well. It will serve as a perfect dessert to a meal and can keep a watch on the exceeding pressure, all the festivities and parties put on our poor waistline. All in all a big thumbs up to this innovation.

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